If you are going to travel on a campervan in Turkey, then we advise you to stop by Alanya and see the TOP-5 of the most interesting places!

Cleopatra beach

A beautiful sandy beach under the rocks with the Alanya fortress. In addition to the beach itself, there are tennis courts, playgrounds, walking gardens in Alanya and many cafes. This is the most popular place in the city and worth a visit.

Alanian fortress

You can take a gondola from Cleopatra beach to the fortress. There you can walk along numerous paths, see the remains of the fortress and stunning views of the city. then, if you wish, you can go down on foot from the other side to the port of Alanya.

Breakfast restaurant

Turkey is known for its rich breakfasts, you can try them yourself in the Konaktepe restaurant, which specializes only in this. Turkish breakfast consists of many dishes with snacks – these are vegetables, nuts, buns, jam and of course tea. There is a menu, but it is not, you just need to tell how many people to serve breakfast.

Dim Cave

Not far from the restaurant there is a large Dim cave, so it is logical to go there right after breakfast.

The cave really amazes with its size, it will be interesting for both adults and children. You will plunge into the magical world of the dungeon and go down to the underground lake, which is effectively illuminated.

Cafes on the Dim Chai River

An original place like you are unlikely to see anywhere else. Here along the river there are cafes with chicken legs. There are swimming pools and even water slides. In general, everything is for the tourist.